Present status

1.   Treasury Information System(TIS)

Presently all the Treasuries of the state are fully computarised at the branch level. The Department of Treasuries uses Treasury information system (TIS) in Treasuries. This is an application for doing the transactions (Receipt and payment) online in a Treasury and preparing accounts. The different rules and procedures required for processing transactions as well as preparation of accounts are captured in the database. The application is extended to agency bank also. Computerization of all the Treasuries in Kerala was completed in 2004.

2.   Treasury Information Management(TRIM)

At present Treasuries are connected to Directorate through Dial-up connectivity to transfer data from the individual Treasuries to Directorate. Summary reports and DDO wise reports can be accessed through the Treasury website by the authenticated users of Government Departments .


New Projects


1. Introduction of  e-treasury

This project is aimed to introduce an e-Treasury for accepting receipt to government electronically using the bank payment gate way and preparing the receipt account in a 24*7 manner from anywhere.

Software customization is almost completed. National informatics centre (NIC) is doing the software customization. Project is set to be completed and made operational by NIC by the end of March 2013.


2. Core Banking Solution (CBS)

The proposal for introducing core Banking solution is to enhance the services rendered to depositors in Treasury Savings bank(TSB). Introduction of Core Banking Solution will enable the costumers to get better facility such as net banking , mobile banking , ATM etc…

NIC has started customisation of the software and the project is expected to be completed and put in to operation by NIC by the end of March 2013.


3. Horizontal Connectivity in Treasuries(Networking of Treasuries)

The implementation of the proposed horizontal connectivity (Networking of Treasuries) is aimed to establish a secure and effective connectivity between Treasuries and various stake holders of Treasury Department such as Finance Department, Govt of Kerala , Accountant General etc…


4. Introduction of a centralized budgetary control System

This project is aimed to introduce a centralised budgetary control System which enable the Finance department to monitor expenditure on day to day basis and will enable the electronic distribution of funds to various departments and controlling offices up to DDO level after passing the budget in the assembly.

Software customization is in progress, NIC is doing the software customization.


5. Integrated Treasury Management System (ITMS)

This project is aimed to achieve the Effective financial management of the state by integrating the other agencies such as Finance department, Accountant General’s Office, The Reserve Bank, agency banks and DDOs. Also will help to give effective Government to Government(G2G), Government to Citizen(G2C) and Government to Employees(G2E) services.

This is a centrally aided project under national e-governance project as a mission mode project. Draft project report submitted by the National Informatics Centre to the Treasury Department has been forwarded to Government of Kerala. Detailed Project Report(DPR) is now with Government of India for approval.

Government has entrusted National Informatics Centre (NIC) to prepare DPR for ITMS. NIC submitted the DPR to Government.


6. e-stamping

Government of Kerala has announced enabling e-stamping of documents in the State. Since the Government has designated Treasury department as Central Record keeping Agency, department has started software development for the implementation of e-stamping with the co-operation of registration department.



Treasury At a Glance


1. Sub Treasuries send abstract data of transaction to its District Treasuries and District Treasuries combines this data and generates LOP(List of Payments) and Cash Account.


2. District Treasuries sends List of Payments along with vouchers to Accountant General (AG), two times in a month i.e on the 8th & 18th day of every month. Cash accounts are furnished along with this second list of payment.


3. Computer Infrastructure (Hardware, Software, UPS, LAN etc) in each Treasury is sufficiently good.


4. Various type of capacity building training programmes have been imparted for the staff of the Treasury Department.


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